About Toast Press

Toast Press is an award-winning, independent music publicity agency, firmly rooted in Brixton, London, since its inception in 2005. Founded and run by sisters Ruth and Beth Drake, with a decade or two of additional industry experience between them, Toast have built a reputation from the ground up in creating innovative, dynamic press campaigns which help transition exciting emerging talent into some of the most definitive, resonant acts of modern times.  

We have grown to become a small but passionate team, specialising in UK national print and global online campaigns which are carefully tailored to the personality of each artist: whether launching that first blog premiere or landing an impactful magazine cover, we believe in the need to work creatively and strategically within the rapidly-changing press landscape, ensuring that both our new and returning artists remain on the frontline of what PR means today. 

Above all, we are music nerds who thrive off honesty, diligence and detail, and are privileged to have curated an eclectic roster which taps into all the major and independent labels, but crucially allows us the freedom to only work on what we love. 

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